Friday, November 9, 2007

Copenhagen is "home"

So i recently got back from a three week study tour in which i saw so much, their is absolutely no point in listing it all. A general assessment would be as followed: three weeks is a long time to travel when you are living out of a large backpack that hurts your back. you also realize how long a trip it is when you are wearing jeans that are falling off your body...and not because you have lost weight (because quite the opposite happened), but because you haven't been able to wash them in so long. Katie and I walked around with loose clothing and stains all over us. It wasn't until florence when we met up with marc and lance that we all collectively decided it was necessary to find a public laundry mat to wash our clothes. Note that I leave out the word dry, because Italy does not have dryers. Because of the lack of dryers, I realized I could not do my jeans still, so i simply cleaned underwear, socks, and undershirts....since they would all dry on their own in a short time.
Though I am not going to talk about all the sites I saw, I do think it is important to inform that the statue of David is not lifesize...he is enormous!!!!!!! I mean huge! and the detail is incredible. I often caught myself wondering how sculpters can make something so powerful out of a rock? After touirng through the Vatican city and different parts of Florence, I realize why they named the 4 Mutant Ninja Turtles after Michaelanglo, Donatello, Rapheal, and Leonardo. On the subject of Leonardo....all I can say about the Last Supper painting is "SPECTAULAR". I feel very privledged that i got to view that...and I learned so much about the meaning behind it. Note that Judas is the only apostle in the painting that is not standing (no face of alarm after Jesus' annoucement). Plus, Leonardo studied so much geometrics that his pictures are perfect to a tee. much more I could say, but the real point of this blog is to say that after 21 days of training through Italy, searching for hostels, and walking a million cities, Copenhagen finally seemed like home. It was so nice to arrive in a city where I know the train system...I know where I am at all times, and I already know what to expect from the culture. At the same time, arriving was still not the same feeling as arriving "home home" would feel like. Besides that, school gave us an unpleasant welcome...
We all have a 3-5 papers due within the next couple weeks. And these are not just papers, they are full length essays worth anywhere from 20% to all of our grade. The downfall is that after receiving my essay back from my core business class about the EU, I feel like the teachers grade exceptionally subjective in Denmark. I got a B...not bad...but I have two problems with this.
1. We didn't actually get our essay back, just a typed response from the teacher with commentary and the letter grade.
2. The commentary seemed like opinion. For instance: "Good response, but maybe could of used subtitles." Could have included more specific details about this company..."
Okay, well first i answered everything...and didn't include a few details...that may be becuase they gave us a word limit. So orginally I had a very thorough essay until I realized I was 800 words over. How do you expect me to include every detail? Don't give a word limit. Also, can i please see my essay so I can see the parts you liked and didn't like?

Besides that, the Danish teachers are very ambiguous with their assignments. What I liked about I-CORE at IU, though many complain is that it is too hard, is that it is very well organized and the teachers tell you what to do and what they are looking for. Also, when the big report was due, they didn't keep assigning more reading and hold class. Here, at DIS, we have all these huge assignments due, yet the teachers keep having class and assigning more reading. One teacher looked over our outline for a marketing report and said, "I give it a B. It looks like you guys wrote it in a rush. You could of done better, no?" We were like, "Sure, whatever." What we all would of said (if their is a point even trying to explain concepts to the Danish teachers) is that "you had this due the same day you wanted a presentation due and had a midterm. We also hadn't even talked to the president of the company yet to get info because he was not available to meet like you said he was. You also fail to note that we are all in 4 other classes and had 3 other tests to study for"
The danish teachers think everyone here is in like 2 classes. In fact, our EU teacher was quite surprised when we told her she was assigning too much. She asked, "But this is your core class, how is to much?" We said...all classes hold the same weight and that we all have just the same amount of reading in our four other classes. She was shocked to hear that we all had 4 other classes.

Anyway...I have decided that my grades overhere may be lower over than usual, yet telling recruiters about my experience will still seem pretty impressive. Copenhagen is a city that I will nvr be able to explain to anyone else...they will nvr understand without living here themselves. I am still learning in a way that will nvr be graded, yet it is probably the biggest lesson my college life will ever see.

My last comment is...
I can wait for free water and free coffee refills!! are so behind the times in this trend!

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