Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas Beer

So starting in november Copenhagen begins celebrating Christmas with beer. The brewery, Carlsberg, makes a special xmas formula and label for all of their beer. We all find this quite exciting. So yesterday we had a dinner at the Riz Raz, which is the vegetarian restaurant with amazing food. When it was over, there was about an hour before the midsemester party at the Austrailan Bar began. We collectively agreed that since we are all back "home" in copenhagen now, we should all once again take advantage on our favorite places in the city...7/11. We dashed over there...and i say dashed because it was below freezing and sleeting and windy...looked around this place of wonder...and then finally picked up our first tuborg xmas beers. Of course we had no where to go after that, so our first tasting had to take place outside in the miserable winter conditions. we were being blown over by the wind and everyone's hand froze because i was the only one who remembered gloves. i felt bad, so i let katie use my gloves and others use my scarf. funny when you are the person in the group that is farest north in the states and thus most tolerant of the weather. was a good time nonetheless and we all feel that we truly became a part of denmark's culture. most did not actually like the beer as much though; it tastes more like an ale. i liked it though and it is really cheap, so i may make it a goal to only drink xmas beer until leaving copenhagen. i think it would be a fun thing to attempt. i may possibly try to bring carlsberg's jacobsen brand back because it is the high quality, top of the line formula and katie says they are selling 3 for 100 kroner at the stores. i have tried this when we had a business mtng at the brewery one day and it is quite amazing!! i want all back home to somehow experience this xmas beer too.

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