Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So today every baby I passed was in a snowsuit. Apparently, Danish mothers like to put their small children in snowsuits, even when it is not snowing. Though adorable, also unusual. How can an entire society do the same thing...I guess Denmark is only 5 million people.

However, I was thinking...a snow suit may not be a bad idea for my room. It is so cold that sometimes I can't even focus on reading or fall asleep. Though DIS said that if you email them they would give you an extra blanket, I never received one. I've gotten use to wearing 4 layers in my room, and by the way, the same four layers. This is because I am trying to save my laundry money until only 2.5 weeks are left. This is because even though I have 80 kroner left, apparently DIS stops the validity of the card at 50. I guess they won't let you use the extra 10 dollars because they figure they need more service fees for all of the non-service they do. Anyway, in light of our living arrangements and DIS, we all make jokes to make each other laugh. The other day, a fellow student and friend made the joke that he was going to write DIS a short letter that says, "Dear DIS Housing Services, I sleep outside now because it is just as warm as inside, but i see more people."

It made me laugh a lot. Anyway...back to whole baby thing. A snowsuit would be nice for my room. I might even put it on and walk the streets of Copenhagen and see if anyone mistakes me as an overgrown danish baby.

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