Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ode to Danish Pastry Desserts

So I have done really well at avoiding the bakery shops, but earlier this week I caved. I didn't actually cave, I just felt that I deserved something since it was midterms. I walked into Albertslund's bakery, where they speak no English, and looked at my dozen of options. Plain tarts, whipped cream cinnamon pretzels, chocolate, of these just look like all of my favorite ingredients combined into the cutest, most delicious looking pastry desserts.

I could not choose. Katie chose for me. It was a pastry rolled around some kind of cream and half was dipped in chocolate.

My first bite was revolutionary. NEVER have I tried such a great pastry. Katie laughed at my expression...but it was absolutely AMAZING. So good even that I decided to save it for until I got to my room and brewed coffee. Each bite followed by coffee was equally amazing and for a moment I believe I found my heaven in Kobenhavn. I decided to try one new pastry until I left for travel break...which is like in 8 hrs. The next day was so oatmeal, chocoalte sprinkle mess. Good, but not like the first one. Then today I bought a peanut/nutty sandwhich with that same almond flavored cream in the middle, also dipped in chocolate. It was delicious...but I devoured it immediately.

My goal is to slowly narrow down on the best three pastries, and then bring these back to the US, particularly for my mom and Crystal to try. I need to share this wealth!!

Okay, Friday was my last Kobenhavn night before travel break. It was Kulturnatten (Culture Night) in the city, and for 75DKK you buy a pin, and get into over 200 events for free. There are light shows, staged fighting, singing, dancing....the zoo was open and all of the museums were open until midnight. Me, Kelly, Katie, and Robin went to the zoo first. We saw like a dozen simbas. Then we went to the oldest building in the a museum...but on this particular night it was opened for Halloween card-making. The average age participating was six, but it was by far the best part. We then met up with others at the City Hall for dessert pancakes, followed by a quick stop at the Dansk Design Center. There we posed in pictures with BMW's. After that we planed on attending a fashion show at the Museum, but didn't get there in time for tickets. We then tried to find a light show, but it was lame. At the end of the night we made it to a mock version of "Oktoberfest". It was okay but there was one bartender who was mean...and the beers were too expensive, so we didn't stay long. last reflection on Danes pre-study tour is that they think they have a lot to offer...but not really. Oh well, it is still a city full of many, expensive options. I can't wait to see Italy and take a Tuscany cooking class and Chianti wine tour. will seem like home soon once I get sick of being lost down south. Oh well, at least I will be warm.

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