Sunday, November 25, 2007

Copenhagen revisited and Amsterdam

So when Jimmy arrived, I realized that it would not only be an oppertunity to revisit the city I have lived in for a couple months now, but also to explore new areas. To begin with, I must state that due to high costs, I have nvr eaten at a restaurant in cph before. However, once Jimmy got here, we ate at lot. Buffets are the best choice becasue they offer the most food for your buck. During this past week I ate a lot of frikadeller (danish meatballs), ham, pork, potatoes, and chocolate. I am pretty sure i gained all the weight back i had been trying to lose after travel break, but i figured, jimmy's on vacation, so am i.

because of this mindset, i barely did anything for school except turn in a paper and make a presentation an hour before our plane left.

however, i learned so much more about cph. here is a list:

1. i realized i can walk around the city and know where i am at. i can walk from the canal areas with the little mermaid, to the black diamond on the other side of town, and back into the main area where tivoli, stroget, and DIS are. i didn't even need a map.

2. during these walks, i realized i liked the city of cph more than i thought. i don't like the cold, but i like to try to adapt like the danes and i have become semi-fond of the walking streets and canals. so many shops, so many chocolates...

3. i finally traveled into the old red light district, known as vesterbro. i found it quite enchanting...the streets were filled with only the young and a hundred cute, trendy cafes and restaurants. it was fun to explore a new area and jimmy and i found a really good restaurant. we got amazing sandwhiches and it was neat looking inside as well.

4. i once again realized my visiting family is awesome. they cooked me and jimmy their christmas dinner...which is duck, frikadella, potatoes, and rice pudding. the rice pudding is served with a warm cherry sauce and cinammon sugar. it was so amazing! we once again exchanged opinions about cultural differences and politics. jimmy said it was his favorite night in the city.

5. I realized cph has so much i haven't taken the time to see or the black diamond. besides a place to study and find books, there is a cafe and cultural events.

6. Never ride amusement rides when it is below freezing!! wow, being at Tivoli this late in the year was a voluntary action i almost regret. we had fun, and it was lit beautifully with xmas lights...but so cold!!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN! of course, we observed that the danes were perfectly fine riding rides and walking around lesiurely in the cold weather...Danes are crazy. It is official.

Moving on to amsterdam....

1. People who go there just for the red light district are dumb. amsterdam has so much to was an amazing city and i loved walking around. a lot was happening in every district...and the streets were lined with more bars, cafes, resturants, and shops than any city i have visited yet in europe

2. I got to see artwork by FAMOUS artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt. It was nice to learn more about different art techniques. I was greatly intrigued by the life of Van Gogh.

3. The Anne Frank house was also nice and of course a little chilling. i can't believe so many ppl lived in hiding for so long. the musuem was nice...though the rooms are empty now, they still paint a picture in your head of what use to be there. little quotes from her diary were in every room. it made me sad. the view out the windows we all had was the once the view she had.

4. The red light district was like how it is described. i am intrigued that this kind of town still exsists. i guess the girls in the windows actually have to pay to rent them 150 euro a night. however, they usually make around 750 euro a weekend...or something crazy like that.
hmm....a career i would never choose, but i guess different strokes for different folks.

Anyway, i found the city very nice and would like to visit more of holland eventually. for now though, i will continue to try to adjust in cph until i leave for the states.


Susie said...

That's a great picture of you and Jimmy in front of the canal in Amsterdam. I bet he just loved it there. That city is fun. Lyle and I were there in 1999. Spent several hours at Susie's Saloon. Did you happen to see it? Are you getting anxious to return to the states?
Aunt Susie

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