Monday, November 26, 2007

22 and 72

So today when I was talking to Katie on the ride home and over dinner, I realized that being overseas has already neutralized me to the whole "bar" scene. I also realized when I told her that in Amsterdam I spent most of my time at museums, I act like an old person...which is actually a good thing because I appreciate art and things others my age might think are boring (like my brother). Basically, I have determined that being in Denmark has made me feel like two different ages in mind: 22 and 72

Age 22: Pretty much, in the US, young adults can't wait to turn 21 so that they can legally drink. Usually a lot of partying occurs, a lot of drunkeness happens, and a lot of bars are visited. Usually, this feeling seems to last about one year before it becomes a normal feeling. You think at 22, "no big deal...I am ordering a beer right now in a bar". This feeling has already taken over my mindset. I figured this out when in the beginning of the semester, on Tuesday nights everyone made plans to go out to visit new bars in CPH since we don't have classes on Wednesdays. However, just tonight me and Katie were like, "do you want to have a movie night tomorrow with Kelly and eat popcorn?" YES was the answer. This options seems much more pleasing now than going out. In fact, we made the same decision a couple saturdays ago to stay in and watch a movie. I think i went to bed at midnight or early that saturday even.

Age 72: So I remember as a child, I hated visiting museums on field trips. In fact, I think the only museum I ever liked was the children's museum because there were things to play with. However, ever since I arrived in Europe, I have loved visiting all of the museums and other sightseeing places I would have whined about 10 years ago. I stare at painting forever and read every caption. I love learning about the artist, technique, and political meanings behind these paintings. I loved all of the sculptures in Italy too. I loved the huge churches and walking about building. Basically, these are the kind of thing retired ppl like to do, however, I like it now too. In fact, me and Katie both agreed that when we went to the Veneto hills with the retired group, they were our favorites to talk to. Maybe I am lame, or maybe I have finally realized to absorb everything and learn everything and not take anything for granted. Now that my time here is running low, I realized how little I have actually seen in Europe and how much more awaits me. Some ppl the age 72 or older have nvr got to see the things I have already seen, and knowing I have been able to have these oppertunities is amazing.

I guess it only takes one 30 min train ride back home with a friend to realize your true age. But really, about the going out thing, who can really afford $10 beers every night?? Not I!
And P.S. I don't have the Danish genes that keep me skinny even though they drink so much and eat so much...why do the Danes have such good genes?

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