Monday, November 12, 2007

Chicago in Copenhagen

Yesterday, being Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from my Danish visiting family. Alice, the mother, told me they had an extra ticket to see Chicago at the Det NY Theatre (the new theatre) in Vestrebro. She also invited me over to lunch at the family's cousin apartment. I gladly accepted...I was worried that I would once again be trapped in my room all do writing essays.
Anyway, I got to look nice...and Danish I might add. I wore my brown dress (purchased in Chicago) with a green undershirt to match my green tights...and of course of leather boots from Italy. I looked quite Danish!!
The food I ate was traditional danish as well...some egg salad with fish concoction on rye bread and ham salad and pork. It was good and I was full quite quickly. The whole family was talking danish around me, so for a while I thought I understood danish...but of course i do not.
The show was also in danish...which i preferred because it felt more cultural. Alice and I both agreed that certain roles should of been switched, because we thought some of the dancer and singers were better than the main characters.
It started snowing during intermission and the whole Randrup family told me it was quite unusual to be snowing this early. They asked me about the states and how warm it was when I left and they were quite surprised to find out how hot Indiana can get, and also how cold. I told them in was unbearably hot this summer...and when trying to put it in perspective for them..guessed it was around 40 degrees Celcius. I do not know if that is actually right or not...but is way hotter than the -3 degrees celcius it is in DK right now.
Anyway, the show was very good, even in Danish. Some of the family members there were even ahead of me in the fact they had already seen it on broadway in NYC. I have only seen part of the movie; regardless, even in another language you can still get the jist of what is happening and it is always fun to listen to good music and watch good dancers.
I would have posted some pics of me with my visiting family, but currently my camera is experiencing techinical difficulties. I would like to restate that I was very appreciative of the invite and am excited to introduce them to my brother who they are very excited to meet and cook frikadella (traditional danish meatballs) for when he gets here.

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