Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bornholm...Denmark's "Martha's Vineyard"

This past weekend I traveled to a small island south of Sweden and 7 hrs east of Denmark, smack dab in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Though there is nothing particularly special about this island, it felt amazing to get away from the city for a few days. We biked around trails that had nothing but hilly farmland or coastal views. The sea was so peaceful and at one point the blue of the sea blended in with the blue of the sky. Many adventures were encountered in the group of five I rode around with. Some include the following:
1. Finding a hilly pasture...walking up it to see the view...then realizing we were on a bull farm.
2. Being caught in the rain for 20km
3. One member had a flat tire and DIS would not come help us
4. One member fell off of his bike and injured both hands and a knee...all becuase we had to ride back in the dark because DIS did not come help us
5. Jumping into the frigid sea just to say we were in the baltic sea

Anyway, we saw some amazing things. My favorite was an old medieval castle on the nothern tip of the island. it is in ruins now, but it was located in an amazing place...on top of a cliff and the surrounded by the sea.
The second day we hiked instead of biked because we were too sore, and we stumbled upon some sacred cliffs. They of course were beautiful and so was the entire hike becuase the trail just followed the coast line.
Another observation I made on the island was that cats and dogs roamed everywhere. Everyone was walking a dog...and they weren't ever neutered. How strange. I am sick of course. I knew my body would give in eventually and catch up with everyone else. Although I am sure the bike ride in the rain did not help. My mine has also given in to the fact that no sandwhich or any kind of meal out here is under 30DKK (6 dollars). I will never, EVER think anything in the US is expensive again. And I really want Taco Bell, as do we all out here.

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