Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Visiting Family!

I am so happy that I signed up for a visiting a family...and they gave me everything I expected. They are Per, Alice, Morten, and Katja Randrup, plus Morten's two roommates were there. We started by getting acquainted over some snacks like carrots and dip and bread with pesto. It was not awkard at all either. Then we sat around the table for traditional danish dinner, pork and potatoes with some kind of relish or side thing to go with it. The food was delicious and warm. They served me some French white wine that is produced in a town near the German border which went perfectly with the pork. Then Alice had also prepared traditional dessert of thin pancakes with the options of adding in icecream and marmalade. Her homemade marmalade was supurb and I also added some whipped cream on top of the rolled pancake. We had coffee with it. The whole time we talked about the danish health care system, school systems, cultural differences, where I was from, movies, their views of American parents....
which to note on that...they are very confused as to why American parents pay so much attention to the children's school grades and activities. They spoke about how a student that lived with them a few years ago always would say, "My dad is going to be so mad about this grade." And Alice would reply, "Why do you care? He is not even here." The Randrups basically think American parents shelter their children too much and of course noted on how silly our drinking laws were.
Anyway, the whole conversation was amazing and I ended up being there for four hours. It didn't feel like it at all though. I told them "Tak for mal" (Thanks for the meal) over and over and we planned on doing something similar again.
I am very glad to get to know the Danes and I think that the students that came out here with their friends or frat buddies are dumb. They will nvr experience the culture, get to know the Danes, or get outside of their comfort zone. I have already learned so much about Danish culture and I love how liberal they are...yet completely under control.
The only thing that dampens my night is the fact that I have to turn in an essay worth 20% of my grade by tomorrow before I leave for Bornholm. Of course, like always, DIS made another assignment due the same day trip is over, so of course, I have to to do it three days early. I would have already started it, but I had another essay due on Monday and a test to study for which I had today. I don't know why this school is so demanding, but me, as well as everyother person here, feels overwhelmed. We don't understand why DIS has made this college harder than any of our home universities. Why do some many assignments and tests overlap and happen right after weekend trips? I think I am just going to have to realize that I probably won't recieve grades that I am use to, but to not worry because I am learning in another way that doesn't award grades. And once again, I loved my visiting family!!

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