Saturday, September 8, 2007

Icecream and Beer

So I could write about all of the shops and bars I has seen or visited, or I could simply say that the dominating theme of this city is icecream and beer. At lunch, when I walk out from classes to the square to get some fruit, tables are filled with glasses of beer. Walking down the streets like Stroget, everyone is eating an icecream cone. In fact, there are icecream parlors every other shop. Sometime they even make belgium waffles you can order to put icecream on top. The question is, how to the Danes stay so thin? My only guess would be that they it is because of the mass amounts of walking and biking they do.
I have recently signed up for a danish visting family because they night at my professor's home was amazing. We all arrived aound 6:30pm, and didn't leave until 10:30pm. His wife made some of the best pizzas, danish meatballs, danish potatoe salad, and french hot dogs. They had a keg connected to their home as well. We all immersed ourselves in conversation while eating and drinking. I learned so much more about their culture in the four hours I was there. His wife was fabulous, as was the daughter. They were also very interested in some parts of the States, so it was fun to talk about our cultural differences.
Yesterday I went to Nyhavn, (New Haven to us) with all of the boats and colored buildings. It was very nice to walk around. It was also very warm yesterday and quite sunny. When it is warm and sunny, people don't go to work. Instead, they walk around the city shopping and eating. Music was playing, all of the merchants had set their shops is very different and I love it. I want to buy so much, but so far I have only purchased a long sweater from their mall Fisketovet. I plan on buying different colored stocking/tights with boots so I can fit in with the Danish fashion.
The last thing I should mention was Cafe Svejk in the Frederiksberg district. It was a small, quiter pub that served czech. beer. I ordered a big class of Prezente for 45 kroners...and have decided it was the best beer I have ever tasted. I savored it for a half wine. It was amazing and I will prob. visit again.


James said...

That professor visit sounds like a lot of fun... I can't believe how different they seem culturally... in the states the teacher would probably get fired for providing to a minor.

DaInfomaster said...

To find more about Svejk, visit SvejkCentral. There is also a new English translation.