Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stick Shift

So it finally need to drive stick shift. Of course i figured it was never important enough to know back in the US since everything is automatic, but in Europe, if people drive, they drive manually. If you are driving an automatic, it is bigger or luxurious, and thus costs way more to rent for a trip down to Oktoberfest. I know this now after talking to ten car rental places in the airport when we found out the car we booked for a small fee of 50 euro was stick. All of the automatics were 2000 to 3000 kroner.

Oh well because planning Oktoberfest a year in advance is necessary for better places to stay and tent tickets. So maybe I will go back when someone else I know is studying abroad another semester.

One last note about the cars here...the taxi's are all Mercedes. I guess that is why is cost like 300 kroner to go from town to albertslund, becuase it is a Mercedes. And no, they will not allow you to bring a piece of pizza in the cab with you.

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