Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Danish teachers make me laugh

Okay, so I knew it after the first couple of classes...but it is now verified. DANISH TEACHERS ARE CRAZY.
How are they crazy?
>disorganization in the classroom...everyday
>assigning 200 pages of reading a night in binders we are not even allowed to annotate in
>having papers due the same day as midterms
>asking the same questions repeatedly
>not actually ever discussing what we read in class but putting it on a midterm
>forgeting thier own questions

the list could go on...but then it would become way to specific. anyway, we aren't really mad anymore, we LAUGH. None of us our the same students here as we are back home, none of us can be. We don't know what to read out of the hundred of pages assigned and we don't know how to prepare for tests or papers with ambiguous guidelines. It seems like a hopeless cause at this point. However, after brewing several cups of black coffee I am hyped enough to randomly be productive.

From now on, I will never believe a Danish teacher when he says, "You'll have plently of time." or, "The questions are really general."

FYI: I have only been in Denmark for 6 weeks and do not know enough to anwser the following question:

"Name 6 positives and 6 negatives corresponding to the PESTLE model in Denmark." This question is neither short to write in time or general...but whatever.

We LAUGH a lot, and it is a learning experience all in it's own. Family friends of my visiting family who have been through the Danish education system, which is free for them of course, confirmed my assessment. They said, "Yes, Danish professors are scatterbrained, disorganized, and anything they have written down or say means nothing." I guess when social institutions are paid for by the government, quality is a little lower. Like the same family friend had to weight over 8 HOURS WITH A BROKEN ARM IN THE E.R.!!! Joke? No, it is not.

My last reflections on this post are as follows:

First econ lesson: There is a tradeoff for everything in life.

Basic proverb from somewhere: The grass is always greener on the other side.

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