Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crictical Thinking

Crictical thinking...it has been pushed a lot by the Danish teachers here. However, they also are very crictical.

I received my first A today on a paper...b/c usually it is impossible to please the teachers past B's...and ususally your best is just not good enough.

Anyway, I have nine days until I come home and the only thing I can think about is how many papers I have written, yet my writing skills are decreasing. I have never turned in more work that I am less proud of. I can't decide if it is because I gave up after the first assignment I turned in was graded so subjectively, or because so much has been due at once, or because I figure there are better things to do in Denmark.

Basically what I do like is that even though anything you say is always doubted and debated, you yourself can do the same thing right back. For example, when our teacher was going over our marketing report with us...he had a lot of things underlined that he didn't like and was CRICTICAL about. However, all we did was argue our viewpoint of it...and that was that...A was the grade.

I am still worried that our other professor will not like the paper. When I handed it in, he asked if we thought it was good. I looked him in the eye and said...I've done better...then again, I knew what to do. Silly teachers out here never tell you what to do...they just say write a report.

Anyway, nine days until I am home and even though I do not want to go back to school, I will be so happy to have IU teachers again. I will sit in class and think...oh my gosh, they are actually telling me the exact requirements of an assignment. I can't wait to fill out a bubble sheet and have them run it through a scanner, receiving my grade within 5 hrs as opposed to 5 weeks.

What may become a problem is when I question something the teacher says and write a paper purely based on my opinion...encouraged in Denmark, but frowned about in the US.

Oh well, we will see.


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