Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bittersweet Symphony

My thoughts about knowing I have about 2 weeks left in Cph are bittersweet. I hate how I have so many papers and presentations due and I am glad to be leaving the school, however, I have come to love the city. I like Denmark despite the bad weather and high prices. I was walking around today because all of the streets are decorated for Christmas and things here just feel so spirited. I feel that the people here have developed extra holiday spirit since it is usually such poor weather and dark. However, the sun was out today for one of the first times in two weeks and it was so amazing. It has even warmed up to 8 degrees celcius. Basically, I am starting to realize that home will not be as exciting as I am expecting and the four months that have almost passed was not that long of a time. Know I want to do all the things left in Cph that I haven't time for. I want to go to a ballet at the old theatre. I want to go to the Opera house. I want to visit the castles. I want to go iceskating and visit every single christmas market they have set up.

However, school is a killer right now and time will not permit. Oh well...soon it will all be done and over with and before I know it I will be home telling everyone to go visit Cph. I feel sad today for the first time about leaving. A week ago I felt sad about being here and missing home, but know my feelings have reversed. I still want to go home and see everyone, but I think when I get home I will miss what I have left in Denmark.

Like I said...very bittersweet will be the last two weeks.

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